Monday, May 05, 2008

Chanting for your health

Fr. Z has a post about how chanting is good for your health. Since my boys comprise part of our schola, I have the pleasure of hearing them practice at home and in the car. One of my favorite memories is listening to them practice the Victimae Paschali Laudes in the car on the way to the principal Easter Day Mass. With Pentecost coming up, Veni, creator spiritus in all its mutations....chant...organ works is on my mp3 player.

The boys have grown up with chant so I can hand them a new one and they are able to learn it quickly. They had the most beautiful treble voices when they were young (the highlight was when they chanted In Paradisum for a Requiem Mass) and I grieved when their voices eventually changed. But now, they have rich baritone voices that are a joy to listen to. Our eldest had the honor of chanting the Exsultet for Easter Vigil. These are the times that I am grateful for the gift of music and being able to hand it on to my children. It makes all those long and lonely practice times worthwhile and makes me realize what a inestimable gift it is.


Jeff said...

From the sound of your voice and from a certain youthful glow about your beautiful posts, I had assumed you were in your early to mid-twenties!

"The boys" and their changing voices gave me quite a start!

Argent said...

Dear Jeff,

One advantage of marrying early and having children while you're in your early twenties is that the children reach their teenage years while a lot of people are just getting started with their families. What's funny is that we belong to the "Young Adults" range with our children. My husband and I have spent all of our adult years together. Now that is a mind-blower!