Saturday, May 17, 2008

Blogging light

The annual youth convention is in town so friends who are making presentations are staying with us. I'm blogging light this weekend.

We enjoy having friends over especially overnight guests. We regain critical eyes concerning the house's appearance. Piles that had become invisible to us suddenly blare out and demand that we sort through them. It's amazing how blinded we get to the stuff that accumulates. But what a relief to organize everything back to where they belong. The house doesn't seem so oppressive. Guests are a gift in a lot of ways. The bowl of Italian chocolates is, alas, empty. It didn't take long at all. But what a marvelous thing to stay up late into the night talking. Good thing there's an espresso machine in the kitchen for the bleary-eyed mornings that greet us.

Blessed Trinity Sunday to you all!

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