Wednesday, May 14, 2008

As the Gene Churns

....Ah, what would life be like without a Gene Robinson update. The Times Online had this item on the sidebar, and thoughtless I decided to click on it. Wow, what an emetic.
Within hours, those eight words had made it around the world, thanks to conservative bloggers and the magic of the internet.

No context; nothing about the preceding hour of carefully constructed comments; nothing about my defence of - and love for - the Scriptures; nothing about the loving God to whom I constantly pointed. Just this one sentence.

Surely no one thinks that I'll don a wedding gown and wear flowers in my hair. But I suspect that a lot of people are uncomfortable with me using the word “bride” - a word associated with women as property - to describe a man. For many centuries marriage was about the transfer of property (the bride) from one man (the father) to another man (the groom), in some places accompanied by the payment of a dowry or bride price. Is calling myself a “bride” offensive because it relegates a “privileged” man to the status of a woman? I'll be the first to admit that it would have been better if I'd never uttered those eight words - not because they aren't true, but simply because they gave the conservative forces something else to use against me. It was a stupid thing to say, and I should have known better.
If you want to test your stomach's constitution, try clicking here. Yes, Lambeth is going to be some circus show. Prayers for my friends who remain in the swiftly tilting Anglican planet.

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Anonymous said...

He rightly self-censored for years because he knew what he was doing was wrong. The deeper he gets into sin, the less he self-censors. And what of his poor wife for all the years he was in the relationship with lover Mark? How deceitful of the man.

He is a bad man, plain and simple.