Monday, April 21, 2008

Withdrawal and recovery

~Well, since I spent the past week glued to EWTN (thank goodness for streaming video since I don't have television), regular life was at a standstill. Now that Papa's sojourn with us has ended, this morning has been spent in restoring what I'd neglected...Thankfully, our Lenten spring-cleaning was pretty thorough that I haven't had to labor too much.

In many ways, the mechanics of restoring one's house helps in dealing with Papa-withdrawal. I'm printing out his homilies and discourses for further study and inward digesting and to share with our neophytes in Mystagogia. I expect that there will be phone calls to the parish office from people wanting to become Catholic. In a big way, it's a completion of my own coming into the Church when Cardinal Ratzinger was transformed into Pope Benedict XVI. That was my clarion call to cross the Tiber, a decision that has heaped graces on my family and me.

If you're thinking of returning to the Church or wish to know more about the Catholic Faith, please feel free to contact me.

One helpful website to bookmark is Catholics Come Home. There are a variety of online resources to help answer your questions. There is no substitute for personal interaction, so please find a good, holy priest. Finding a parish can be like being in labyrinth. A good clue is if the parish has Eucharistic Adoration. A parish that adores Christ in the Blessed Sacrament shows its awareness of the centrality of the Mass. Look at the parish schedule, see if times for Confession are more than just 30 minutes once a week. If a parish styles itself as a "Catholic Community" such as The Catholic Community of St. Nebula, I would steer clear. You need straight answers, not new-agey, feel-good answers.

My prayer for you is that the Holy Spirit may renew you and re-vivify you, that you may encounter the Beauty of Christ who is the fulfillment of all our deepest longings. He alone can satisfy the yearnings of our heart. As Pope Benedict so wonderfully expressed to the young people at Dunwoodie, "In seeking truth we come to live by belief because ultimately truth is a person: Jesus Christ. That is why authentic freedom is not an opting out. It is an opting in; nothing less than letting go of self and allowing oneself to be drawn into Christ's very being for others."

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Exceedingly well stated.

God bless you.