Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Papal Photo of the Day

~from yesterday's visit to the Sant'Egidio community at St. Bartholomew's on Tiber Island. The stole is Pope Benedict XV's. I love the white Easter mozzetta. Much rage is being expressed in certain quarters about the splendiferous vestments that we are again seeing. For this Catholic convert, it fills me with joy to be connected with tradition. I have had enough of the minimalist liturgies and polyester vestments that are somehow meant to be symbolic of solidarity with the poor. In my travels through the Third World, it never ceased to amaze me how the oratories and chapels in poor villages were the places of beauty...as if in the midst of the wretchedness of eking out a bare living, there is one place that speaks of Truth and Hope. So I find the arguments that taking out these beautiful vestments is a slap in the face of the poor unconvincing.

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