Thursday, April 17, 2008

Music at the outdoor Mass

...horrid, horrid....NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! not Marty Haugen....Holy, Holy, Holy

After that horrible psalm then the dreadful offertory salsa music, which Raymond Arroyo called, "Amazon flavor"...then the awful Veni creator with Indian flute to be crowned by Haugen.


Update...yikes with the Christ has died....and then the fanfare with the Great Amen. Horrid, horrid.

So far, they have managed to mangle the Gregorian chants. The Gloria, then Veni, now Ubi...then this communion dreadful meandering stuff....who wrote this? I haven't looked at the Mass companion booklet.

Oh, and furthermore, this style of music really is ugly for the human voice. Did you hear how the quality of singing degenerated?



Nooooooooo, clapping at Holy Communion. THIS.IS.JUST.DREADFUL. HOW.TOTALLY.EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Holy Father is now sitting during Communion...his head is bowed. Please forgive us, Holy Father.

What is this dreadful setting of Pange lingua gloriosi? How hard would it have been for the choir to have learned the chant? No, we have to turn this into an operetta type duet.

Oh, caterwauling now...yes, my new mantra...overweening display of mult-culturalism.

Panis angelicus....stop.the.clapping...Mr. Domingo would prefer you to meditate. Good grief!

Papa...let us pray...

Update...the Mass is ended.

Do you know what is tragic about this mess of music? Those of us working in the parish level who are working hard to bring music back into line will now have another hill to climb. Guess what we'll hear? "Well, if it's good enough for a Papal Mass, it's good enough here."

*bangs head on my desk*

Come Holy Spirit, descend upon us and renew us. Fill us with your power. Inspire us with Truth and Beauty.


Anonymous said...

The chant -- Ubi Caritas, Veni Creator -- wasn't sung as chant.

It sounded like it was full-throated screeching!

Very, very poorly done.

Argent said...

YIKES....this is just as Fr. Neuhaus said, "overweening display of multi-culturalism."

Anonymous said...

It was awful, but saddly what we have to put up with on Sunday Mass.
We had the same dreaful multicultural music with electrical guitar, cow bells during the Confirmation Mass at St Raphael with bishop Burbidge!

I am sorry to say that I am not holding my breath anymore for some can of liturgical music reform in this diocese.

Maybe the pope is going to do something about it, I have more hope on that side :-(

It was very embarassing and sad!

Let's not forget the One who is the most insulted is Christ!!!

Lee Gilbert said...

This liturgy hardly raised the mind and heart to God. In fact, with respect to whoever was responsbile for this, I thought of one of Mel Gibson's outbursts: "I want his intestines on a stick!"

Not good.

Anonymous said...

None of this will change unless either of the following occurs.

A direct intervention by Almighty God.
The Holy See destroys all of this liturgical error by mandating, and I mean forcing the issue, mandating that ALL music at Holy Mass come from its proper source: the Graduale Romanum.

Until the Holy See grows a spine and literally cracks the whip, nothing, short of Divine Intervention will change.

Argent was right.
The Stadium Mass only confirms all the Haugen Haas , multicultural types in their liturgical morass of sewage.

The Tridentine Mass needs to become the Ordinary Form and the Novus Ordo MUST be scrapped.

Read Psalm 73-1 to get a good idea of what amchurch has done, is doing and will continue to do, to the Mass.
Dan Hunter

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

American Church does it again, embarassment...Appologizes to God, the Holy Father for this horror show.

Anonymous said...

Worse than the music.

Nancy Pelosi was given the Blessed Sacrament at the stadium Mass.
She publically supports the crime of child murder.

Our Lady of LaSalette pray for us.
Please hold back your Sons hand until the Church can crush all of this diabolical error.

Dan Hunter

DimBulb said...

Hi Argent,

So, how was your day?

I hope someone in your family had the foresight to hide the liquor and all sharp objects.

Catholic Mom said...

I just got a text message from my 18-year-old daughter who was at the Mass. It seems the holiness and wisdom of Pope Benedict XVI transcended the music and the blatant multicultural tokenism. While our liturgists gave very little to Pope Benedict, he gave abundantly to those who were there. There is reason to be hopeful.

Argent said...

Ha, Dim. With Catholic Mom's Media Watch Drinking Game, I'm able to maintain equilibrium.

Catholic Mom, I am so glad to hear that report. A priest friend who was there just texted me about the joy of being in Pope Benedict's presence. So yes, not all is lost.

In one sense, I'm glad that Pope Benedict was able to see the morass that is liturgical music. Mixing styles just doesn't work. The pluralism that we are so proud of needs to be put aside when we approach the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The NYC Mass music will be very welcome, indeed.

Father Mark said...

It was abominable. I am desolate.

Tom in Vegas said...

It was much, MUCH, worse than what I had anticipated. Next mass' music will come from a CD and I GET TO CHOOSE THE MUSIC:0(

Brace yourself for N.Y.

Jennifer B said...

Good enough for the Papal Mass doesn't mean good enough for the Pope. He seemed to only be listening with a polite ear.

As a side note: I wanted to let you know that Carmel had Baby Grace. There is a photo on Per Christum. :)

Augustine said...

Although the music was bad enough to leave Mozart not only turning in his grave, but positively spinning (fast enough to generate electricity for a small town), it was by no means the worst thing.

The Archbishop who 'welcomed' His Holiness at the beginning CLEARLY needs to be told that 'less is more'.

Anonymous said...

if you thought that was bad, come to any parish in Canada. what I saw on tv was light years ahead of what we inflict on ourselves here!

John D. said...

All the complaints about "multiculturalism" seem to be neglecting what His Holiness said in his message to the US Bishops: "Many of the people to whom John Carroll and his fellow Bishops were ministering two centuries ago had traveled from distant lands. The diversity of their origins is reflected in the rich variety of ecclesial life in present-day America."