Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Gift of Women

~from the Women's Ordination Conference (put down beverages, please)
Today, the Women's Ordination Conference, in conjunction with twelve similar events around the country, marks Pope Benedict’s visit to the USA and 81st birthday with a Mass presided by Catholic women, including two recently excommunicated ordained women. This Mass, as part of their “Giving the Gift of Women” campaign, is preceded by a press conference at the National Press Club where Catholics will call for Pope Benedict XVI to open the doors to the ordination of women as priests, deacons and bishops.

“The failure to ordain women is a blatant manifestation of sexism in the church that has wider repercussions in the world,” said Aisha Taylor, executive director of the Women's Ordination Conference. “In the three years of his papacy, Pope Benedict XVI has made a few encouraging statements about women, but he has done nothing that suggests willingness to open the discussion on women’s ordination. That’s why for his 81st birthday, we are offering the pope a present: the gift of women, their leadership, talents, experiences, and unique perspectives.”
*shakes head*

Below this press release is an announcement about the excommunication received from Abp. Burke.

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gsk said...

Perfect. Most sincere Catholics offer the Body and Blood of Christ as a gift, an atonement, an offering of grace, a means of fraternal unity. To offer a birthday Mass would likewise offer Benedict the graces therein, far greater than any personal gift, though any small thing united to Christ becomes magnificent.

Instead, these pagans offer ... themselves. As though it would measure up to the Holy Sacrifice.

Hence, the problem, dear sisters: "It's not about you. You have a greater than Jonah among you."

Jesus, mercy!