Saturday, April 19, 2008


...Due to engagements, I've been away from home for the last day. I'm finally able to watch the encore presentation of this morning's Mass at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York. Very relieved with the solemnity of the liturgy and music.

Just a few small quibbles....the cantors need to step away from the microphone when the congregation has joined in. Off-synchronization of congregation and musicians is jarring.

And the trebles need LESS vibrato. Biebl's Ave Maria is one of my favorites and I've sung it many times before but always with straight tone...hit the note in the center, no quavering.

When will cantors finally stop raising their arms with that hysterical touchdown signal?'s a clue, we.don' The congregation is smart enough to know when it come in. They listen to the cadences of the phrases to know that it's time to come in.

I loved the catechesis on the way of beauty in church architecture analogous to the interior life in the Pope's homily. can I import that cantor to be a part of my parish's schola??

...reception in the hand...sigh! How long, O Lord?

Checking with Fr. Z, I found the music selections for the Mass
O God, Beyond All Praising- arr. Deborah Jamini
Ecce Sacerdos Magnus- Johann Singenberger, arr. Deborah Jamini
Kyrie – Missa de Angelis
Gloria from Messe in C, Op.169- Josef Rheinberger
Psalm- Dr. Jennifer Pascual
Alleluia (O filii et filiae)- arr. Wm. Glenn Osborne
Trilingual Intercessions- Michael Hay, orch. Wm. Glenn Osborne
Ave Maria- Franz Biebl
Sanctus- Missa de Angelis
Christ Has Died/ Amen- Danish Mass, orch. Wm. Glenn Osborne
Agnus Dei from Messe in C, Op.169- Josef Rheinberger
(TBD) Salvatore Licitra, Tenor, Metropolitan Opera
Ego Sum Panis Vivus- Giovanni Pierluigi Palestrina
O Sacrum Convivium- Dom Lorenzo Perosi
Ave Verum- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
I am the Bread of Life/ Yo Soy el Pan de Vida- Suzanne Toolan, SM, orch. Johnnie Carl
Holy God, We Praise Thy Name- arr. Bruce Saylor
Hallelujah from The Mount of Olives- Ludwig van Beethoven
personally, I didn't care for the Dominus Deus setting sung by Mr. Licitra during Holy Communion.

....Cardinal Bertone now speaking in Spanish. I love it. "Santo Padre, gracias por su magisteria."

Sweet smile from Papa in response. Happy Anniversary, Papa.

Wonderful! Chanted dismissal in English. It can be done!

Whew! Recessional was a grace to watch it without my bursting a vein.

Goodness, what a phalanx of Secret Service agents! I'm glad for the papal staff so that I can spot Papa.


Anonymous said...

You like that cantor better than what ya got?

Argent said...

Oh, our O.F. cantor is fine.

It's our schola that I want to grow! Our schola is very good, and can learn the propers with minimal practice...which is good since we live at least an hour away from each other. But it's very small...and when one member is sick, the anxiety level rises.

My hope is that their singing at our Cathedral monthly will draw others to the group so that we can do more add polyphony.

I just appreciate the members' dedication and willingness to stick with me through thick and thin. So far, on top of assisting at the Mass, our aim is to build goodwill in our diocese, be ambassadors for Gregorian chant.