Sunday, April 20, 2008

At Yankee Stadium

...awaiting processional and we hear chanting, "Be-ne-det-to! clap, clap, clap Be-ne-det-to! clap, clap, clap

Music for procession: Hymnus Pontificius – Charles Gounod, arr. Alberico Vitalini

Dixit from Vesperae Solennes de Confessore – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ack! Entrance hymn: Alleluia (Victory)Lasst uns erfreuen...the cantor, choir, and orchestra are off synch.

Now Tu es Petrus...censing the altar. "Peace be with you". Papa is beaming.

Cardinal Egan: Your pastoral visit is for everyone...for which we are truly and deeply grateful....the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered by the Vicar of Christ with us.

Oh, my on the vestments.

Kyrie in chant...

Gloria from Victoria's Missa Magnum Mysterium...Papa has his eyes closed. Choir singing very well.

Liturgy of the Word...have we had a male lector yet in any of the papal venues??

Psalm...oh, dear, a bit overdone on the espressivo department.

Second Reading....nope, men apparently can't read or be lectors.

Alleluia (Victory...from The Strife is O'er...nice, using the verse tunes from the hymn.

Gospel chanted! I can almost hear it in Latin.

Homily...I'll post later.

Credo III...singing along vigorously here in Argent's house. Aahh, how lovely to see the Pope and MC singing right along...the camera showing sisters singing along. NOW, that unites us.

Prayers of the Faithful...I don't like the tri-lingual response, "Lord, hear our prayer, Deus, exaudi nos, SeƱor, eschanos."

Offertory...How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place from A German Requiem by Brahms. Camera showing priests processing. Solemn and respectful presentation of gifts to the Holy Father. I like the dress code of black suits on the presenters. (now we're at the fugue part of the Brahms...I'm waving my baton here.)


Sanctus from Schubert's German Mass.

Consecration now...the host is of regular size...the chalice is quite beautiful...very low single chime.

Schubert...Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again...rather awkward.

Papa..."forever und ever." sweet.

Agnus Dei from Schubert. I thought it was supposed to be from the Victoria. Ah, well, better than MOC

Communion Verse...nice. Ahhh, now Sicut cervus by Palestrina. Lovely, lovely.

Please, Raymond and Fr. Neuhaus...silentium! I would rather listen.

Panis angelicus followed by "Let us break bread together"...what in the world is that "bread, bread, bread" spoken by the choir....good grief!

The Mass is ended!

Lovely Mass. Thank you, New York. What a triumph for Papa! And the cheering is heartwarming.


The Sheepcat said...

Thanks for the commentary, Argent. I was just soaking the music in, but I'm pretty much in accord with your assessment.

Argent said...

Hi, Sheepcat. Nice to see you again!

I was relieved that the Mass at Yankee Stadium turned out well overall.

Are you going to the Int'l Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City in June?