Tuesday, April 01, 2008

$1 Billion Dollars

...that's the Planned Parenthood income from fiscal year 2006-7. From CWN
The Planned Parenthood Federation of America reported income of over $1 billion for the 2006-07 fiscal year, showing an 11% increase in funding driven by over $335 million in subsidies from American taxpayers. [government-patronage of systematic killing....God have mercy on us all, but especially the innocent little ones]

The heavy government funding for Planned Parenthood-- up $31.4 millon over the previous year's figure-- came despite the heavily negative political impact of stories linking Planned Parenthood offices to failure to report statutory rape and racist fundraising appeals.

Planned Parenthood is America's leading abortion provider, accounting for 289,650 abortions in the year 2006. The group has sold 1.4 million "emergency contraception" kits during that year. But while the organization claims to support a woman's "right to choose," only about 2,400 pregnant women were referred by Planned Parenthood to adoption agencies.

Douglas Scott, Jr, the president of Life Decisions International, noted that Planned Parenthood showed more than $100 million in "excess revenue over expenses" for the fiscal year. Although Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization, Scott noted, that figure represents what is "known to regular people are profit." The group had net assets of nearly $1 billion, he noted, in what is "essentially a savings account."

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Tom in Vegas said...

I'm sure their higher-ups are living la dulce vida, then writing it off as a business expense. Makes me convulse.