Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Third Encyclical

...the media is all atwitter that Pope Benedict XVI's third encyclical will deal with Catholic social doctrine....will he speak about global warming? globalization? *put in your favorite media's social emphasis*. Or will it be something more than just condemnation of the gluttonous and materialistic society in which we live? Zadok points out:
The strange thing is that the suggested title doesn't immediately seem to square up with the reported contents. Deus Caritas Est was about the particularly Christian sort of love which is 'Caritas' in Latin. Spe Salvi was about hope and salvation. However, Caritas in Veritate would seem to suggest an encyclical dealing with the relationship between truth and Christian love.

What's going on?

My guess is that this 'social encyclical' is going to draw on a theme that's very close to the centre of the Holy Father's thoughts. He's consistently argued that the praxis of Christian charity and social reform must be preceded by confronting the question of the truth about God and man... namely in the contemplation of Jesus Christ.
I think he's right.

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