Thursday, March 06, 2008

Scotland weighs "presumed consent" on organ donation

~Why does this send chills down my spine? From CWN
Scotland's health secretary says that she is leaning toward a policy that would treat all persons as potential organ donors unless they had explicitly chosen against it.

Nicola Sturgeon told BBC that she is favorably disposed toward the "presumed consent" policy as a response to the "desperate shortage" of organs available for transplants.

The Scottish healthy ministry is planning an advertising campaign to encourage citizens to register as donors. At the same time a task force is studying the possibility of the "opt-out" policy. The panel will make its recommendation on the proposal later this year.


A Simple Sinner said...


...because it presumes that the person you are harvesting organs from (which for the heart can ONLY be done when the heart is still beating...) are OK with having their beating heart cut out of them?

At least that is why it sends chills down my spine...

Memo to self: Make certain to always carry requisite legal documents making your wishes known when in Scotland...

frival said...

It becomes particularly worrisome when combined with the stories here in the US of doctors declaring brain death earlier than they should for patients who are registered as organ donors. We've fallen a long way in our understanding of "first do no harm".