Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chronicling Benedict in America

~Please bookmark Christopher Blosser's site: Benedict in America. He will be compiling news items, commentaries, reactions, etc. to the Holy Father's Apostolic Journey here in just nineteen days. Here's an excerpt from today's post touching on a theme that I've complained about--media's blackout on the Pope's homilies and addresses except to take some small kernel to provoke negative reactions:
And, as was amply demonstrated by the coverage of Benedict's Regensburg address in September 2006, there is a remarkable tendency of the press -- in its failure (laziness?) to grasp the substance of what Benedict is saying in any given text to simply "cherry pick" for that choice phrase or reference which is most inflammatory (i.e., will make the greatest headline).

Consequently, it comes as no suprise that an article proclaiming Benedict "still a mystery after three years", "a white-robed enigma to most Americans," together with the tired old comparison (that really, after 3 years into his pontificate, should be duly retired) between the "shy, scholarly" Benedict and the "charismatic rock star pope" that was John Paul II, are sure to cause a few Catholic bloggers to bristle.

* * *
But I also think there are also many signs that readily challenge the suggestion that Benedict's so-called "mysteriousness" constitutes a barrier between him and the laiety, that it may "take years (or longer) for his teachings to seep down," that Catholics have been unable to arrive at an appreciation and understanding of Benedict -- that they are in fact responding enthusiastically to his person and his pontificate...
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