Friday, February 01, 2008

TLM at Franciscan University

~Fr. Z received this notice
The Traditional Latin Mass
In response to those students who have demonstrated their commitment to the extraordinary form of the Latin rite Mass, Franciscan University will celebrate its first Traditional Latin Mass in Christ the King Chapel on Sunday, March 30. Those interested in being trained as altar servers or assisting in other ways should contact Rob Palladino, director of Chapel Ministries (Ext. 6506). The time of the Mass will be announced at a later date, once Chapel Ministries has determined the length of time needed to temporarily transform the Chapel into the proper environment for the Traditional Latin Mass and how that impacts the rest of our Sunday Mass schedule. As we take the next step in this unfolding process, the Franciscan Friars will continue to assess the pastoral needs of our students and respond to them as appropriate.

This is great news for us, but we have lots of work to do. The chapel would like us to assist in the following ways:

If you want to serve at an EF Mass, both if you want to be trained or if you are already trained, sign up by Sunday in the chapel office. Training will begin very soon.

The chapel needs donations. Flood the blogs and websites with requests. Checks can be made out to "Franciscan University" but "TLM ONLY" must be written on the memo line. These donations are tax deductable. We are especially in need of the "red book" Missals and cassocks and surplices for servers.

Msgr. Schmitz will be here on February 28; he will probably say an EF Mass and give a talk. More on that to come.

Drs. Weber and Healy will be available for the professor panel; Prof. Sirilla is unable because he is working on his dissertation. I have asked Dr. Hildebrand instead.

The Mass on March 30th will be at 4 PM.
We wonder if our friend, Tom, will take time out of his final semester to learn to be an altar server. In case you're reading this, Tom, where in the world are you? You owe me a couple of phone calls. I looked for you in the sea of Steubenville faces at DC. *taps foot impatiently*

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