Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Saving Mummy's life

~The heroic story of a mother refusing therapy to save her unborn child last week was deeply moving. Now, here's another mother who refused to abort her twin babies and how they saved her life. From LifeSite
Doctors who treated a London woman for cancer said on Monday that her life was saved by her unborn twins, whose kicking dislodged the tumor.

Michelle Stepney, 35, was diagnosed with cervical cancer while pregnant with twin girls, both of whom were born healthy in December 2006. According to recent reports by doctors, if the twins had not kicked the tumor loose, it would not have been discovered until it was too late.

Doctors advised Stepney to have an abortion to undergo cancer treatment that would involve a hysterectomy. Stepney refused, waiting to undergo treatment until the twins were born.

"I owe my life to my girls, and that's why I could have never agreed with a termination," she said. "I knew I could have an operation straight away and it would cure me of the cancer, but that would mean getting rid of my babies and I couldn't do that."

Michelle and her husband, Scott, also had a five-year-old son called Jack at the time of the diagnosis.

"It was a very difficult decision to make," said Michelle. "We wanted to make sure what we did was right by Jack, but we did not want to do what was wrong by the girls."

The twins, Alice and Harriet, were delivered by caesarean section 33 weeks into the pregnancy. They were healthy, although due to the reduced chemotherapy treatments used on Michelle, they were born without hair.

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