Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pope Benedict to the Jesuits

~Zadok has translated an excerpt pertaining to the fourth vow of the Jesuits.
I know and I understand well that this [the call to defend Catholic doctrine in difficult areas] is a particularly sensitive and demanding point for you and for some of your confreres, above all those charged with theological research, interreligious dialogue and dialogue with contemporary culture. Precisely because of this I have invited and again I invite you today to reflection in order to rediscover the fullest sense of your characteristic "fourth vow" of obedience to the Successor of Peter, which does not only involve readiness to be sent on mission to far-off lands, but also in the most genuine Ignatian sense of "thinking with the Church and within the Church", to "love and serve" the Vicar of Christ on earth and with that "effective and affective" devotion which should make you his most precious and irreplaceable collaborators in his service for the universal Church.
I particularly like it in Italian:
Proprio per questo vi ho invitato e vi invito anche oggi a riflettere per ritrovare il senso più pieno di quel vostro caratteristico "quarto voto" di obbedienza al Successore di Pietro, che non comporta solo la prontezza ad essere inviati in missione in terre lontane, ma anche – nel più genuino spirito ignaziano del "sentire con la Chiesa e nella Chiesa" – ad "amare e servire" il Vicario di Cristo in terra con quella devozione "effettiva ed affettiva" che deve fare di voi dei suoi preziosi e insostituibili collaboratori nel suo servizio per la Chiesa universale.

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Rob said...

I wonder...

Is the Pope hinting that they should get with the program or suffer some "consequences"? Or is he content simply to allow the unorthodox to age, wither and die?

I actually got to thinking abou this and realized that going medieval on a recalcitrant order might just revive it in all it's absurdity. Maybe it is best to just let them fade away.

Still, I follow Pope Benedict's words and actions with great curiousity. He is fascinating, not simply as the Roman pontiff, but as a thinker and planner.