Thursday, February 07, 2008

Just deserts

~Ah, the story of the 'Sapienza' professors and signatories protesting the Pope on grounds of 'freedom of reason' themselves displayed a decidedly irrational move...using Wikipedia as a source to skewer the Pope. L'Osservatore Romano comments (via Zenit):
If before rushing to express their solidarity with the 67, one of the 1,479 would have verified the affirmation [of the original letter], they would have discovered that the one who wrote the letter took the citation of Ratzinger's discourse from the entry Papa Benedetto XVI in Wikipedia, the well-known Internet encyclopedia, composed by its users, which no scientific person uses as an exclusive source of his investigations, without carefully verifying its credibility.

"Now then," L'Osservatore Romano continued, "what's surprising is that the person who took the Feyerabend citation could not have read the complete Wikipedia entry, which enables one to realize that the meaning of Ratzinger's phrase is exactly the contrary to what the 67 professors have aimed to attribute to the Pope."

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dim bulb said...

They went to Wiki! That's so sad! "PhD" must be an acronym for "pinhead" Even I'm smart enough not to link to that sight unless I'm certain its info is correct.