Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dark circles

...humor break. When I opened my webmail, there was this rather frightful banner at the very top. This was an ad for a product that is supposed to zap dark circles under you eyes. Now, do the advertisers seriously think that I believe anyone naturally walks around looking like this?

Then, I open the New York Times today and see that this look is, oh, so chic. To demonstrate, here are samples from the Paris Fashion Week.

Goodness, how long did the makeup artist take to make these models look like they've been up for several nights in a row? I wonder if these models ever thought that modeling jobs would demand them to look like they've walked off the set of "Night of the Living Dead"?

Walkway fashions are so amusing. Last year, it was clerical chic and the Virgin Mary look (mind you, no mention of her virtues) was "in".

But! I found my Easter bonnet. Now I am sure my RCIA class will be so pleased when I show up at Vigil looking like this:

Can anyone explain this to me?


DimBulb said...

People pay lots of money to look and dress like that! They look kind of sci-fi.

Anonymous said...

*assumes tone of museum curator*

Well, obviously the headdress symbolizes the primordial chaos, just as the Spirit begins to breathe over the waters and move them. In the model's white skin we can see the light beginning to blaze forth, and the shapes emerging from her head symbolize the world and the various creatures it brings forth. The model's face is veiled to show that the potential of humanity has not yet been realized by God's breath of life....

Gosh, Argent, this is a great Easter bonnet choice! I'm sad you found it before I did! ;-)