Monday, January 28, 2008

Summa Contra Haugen Haas

~The title comes from The Divine Lamp's post which brought gales of laughter here. Please visit his site to read and to listen to Pange lingua gloriosi sound files that he linked. Then if you have time after dinner before bed, you might want to peruse St. Thomas' Summa contra gentes. This version is in Latin. A friend who teaches a survey of literature class was approached by one of his freshman students on where to begin reading Aquinas. Here's a good place, On Happiness from Summa Theologica, First part of the second part

Here's Jacques Maritain's St. Thomas Aquinas. And here's Pope Pius XI's encyclical Studiorum Ducem (On St. Thomas Aquinas).


dim bulb said...

Glad you liked the title. If I hadn't been so tired this afternoon I'd have done (at least tried) a Summa theologica spoof.

An English translation of the Summa Contra Gentes, which is far superior to the one at the Maritain Center, is available on line here:

Although some people have trouble reading Chesterton, his Bio on the saint remains one of the best, according to experts. It can be found online here:

Also, there are tow very good, easy to understand introductions to the thought of Thomas available online. The first is Marice Du Wolf's THE PHILOSOPHICAL SYSTEM OF THOMAS AQUINAS:

And Martin D'Arcy's THOMAS AQUINAS [Chesterton recommended it]:

Argent said...

Thanks, Dim for the links. I was trying to find a good online translation to Summa contra Gent(il)es.

Oh, and we need more Jesuits like Fr. D'Arcy.