Friday, January 04, 2008

Still more EF news from Raleigh

~from the Diocesan website:

In his letter announcing the implementation of the Apostolic Letter Summorum Pontificum on September 7, 2007, Bishop Burbidge said it was his intention “to make the Forma extraordinaria more available to the faithful.” He noted resources would be made available “to those priests who are able and choose to study how to properly celebrate the Forma extraordinaria of the Mass so that he and the people of God will be best served.”

Liturgical formation for priests interested in celebrating the Forma extraordinaria continues with a workshop scheduled January 8-10 at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Newton Grove. Fourteen priests are expected to attend.

As priests receive the necessary formation to celebrate the Mass, it will be made available at more parishes in the Diocese, where possible.
BTW, OLOG Church has the most enormous monstrance I have ever seen. Kudos to Fr. Keane.


Heide Seward (aka, Miss Climpson) said...

I was directed to your blog by Catholic Mom, who is a fellow parishioner (and fellow blogger) here in Northern VA. I have linked your blog on my own. I am a native Tarheel and have relatives in Raleigh (mostly Episcopalians), and my hometown, Edenton, is in the Diocese of Raleigh.

I am delighted to hear from you and from other sources about what Bp. Burbidge is doing. I hope it trickles down to Edenton someday. Every other "song" in the parish hymnal there is by Haugen or Haas, and the sung parts of the mass are virtually unsingable. It's quite a trial to attend mass there when my husband and I visit my family.

I am a convert from the Episcopal Church, and I was afraid that "Spirit of Vatican II" 1970's-style music and liturgy would be the price of conversion. That has not been the case, at least in my own parish, where we are moving in the opposite direction. God is good.

dan said...

Are you talking about Our Lady of Grace in Greensboro NC?
The pastor there, Father Melo, has asked Father Ferguson FSSP to offer a high Mass on the Feast of the Holy Family, January 13th.
Mass begins at 3:30 pm.
OLOG stll has its beautiful marble high altar, marble communion railing and a seperate area for the scola to chant from, along with one awesome organ.
Can you make it?
God bless you and yours.