Friday, January 11, 2008

Sentire cum ecclesia

~from Chiesa concerning the Jesuits
It is easy to guess that cardinal Rodé expressed the thought and expectations of Benedict XVI. One thing that preoccupies the Church's leadership is the influence that the Jesuits have on the bearing of the other religious orders, and on the formation of priests and theology students in the many schools and universities that the Society operates all over the world, beginning with the Pontifical Gregorian University, which prepares many future bishops.

"It is with sorrow and anxiety," Rodé said in the homily, "that I see that the 'sentire cum ecclesia' of which your founder St Ignatius frequently spoke is diminishing in some members of religious families."

And again:

"With sadness and anxiety I also see a growing distancing from the hierarchy. The Ignatian spirituality of apostolic service 'under the Roman Pontiff' does not allow for this separation."

And further on:

"The doctrinal diversity of those who at all levels, by vocation and mission are called to announce the Kingdom of truth and love, disorients the faithful and leads to a relativism without limits. [...] The exegetes and theological scholars are involved in working together under the watchful care of the sacred teaching office of the Church, to an exploration and exposition of the divine writings. [...] May those who have to oversee the doctrine of your magazines and publications do so in the light of and according to the rules for 'sentire cum ecclesia,' with love and respect."

It is no mystery that of the last seven theologians scrutinized by the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, four belong to the Society of Jesus: Jon Sobrino, Roger Haight, Jacques Dupuis, and Anthony De Mello.

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