Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Return of the floral oasis altar and other abominations

~from Chris' first-hand account of a service masquerading as a Catholic Mass. Warning: Have you taken your blood pressure medicine yet? Keep it handy. Ah yes, this is the church with an altar that looks like floral oasis...the wet green stuff the florist sticks the flower arrangements in.

But then, horror of horrors- the mother of the child to be baptised delivered the sermon.


dan said...

You would never see such an abomination if the Missal or Rituale of 1962 was being used, but we will continue, and continue to see this until the 1970 version is abolished.
Kyrie Eleison!

ps. it looks like there is a high altar behind the kool-aid stand.

Anonymous said...

Friggin' fruitcakes.