Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mozart Madness

Happy Birthday to Wolfie! Here are some of my favorite choral works to celebrate.

Credo from Coronation Mass, K.317

Kyrie K.323

And there's nothing like these from Requiem K.626:

Dies Irae
Rex Tremendae Majestatis
Domine Jesu Christe


Tom in Vegas said...

I ALMOST forgot!! Today is his B-day!

"Wolfie." Are you trying to tell me you saw the movie Amadeus? LOL! As I'm sure you know, that was NOT a biographical account of his life.

He truly was remarkable. Not just for his Requiem and Ave Verum pieces, but also for his wonderful symphonies and concertos of every kind.

I had a piano teacher who told me that talent like his will surface once every five hundred years.

He truly was remarkable.

Pope Benedict is a big fan of his.

Thanks for reminding me. I shall do a post on this genius. .

Jeff said...

I detest the parochialism that I find more and more among traditionally minded Catholics that says that Mozart's liturgical music is inferior stuff, not fit for its purpose. Gregorian chant above all and perhaps a little Josquin and Palestrina.

But Baroque or Classical sacred music is detestable and to be condemned by any right-minded Catholic.

I put up photos of those beautiful little Rococo churches of Austria and Bavaria and try to explain that it's a different window into Catholic sensibility with its own kind of loveliness, full of air and gilt and sunlight and cotton candy. But, no, no: that will never do. Pius X said...blah, blah, blah.


Argent said...


LOL! No, the movie was not a definitive biography. I didn't appreciate how Mozart was portrayed as buffoonish, very much a cartoon. His hyena-like laugh drove me insane.


Mozart inferior? Ack, then we should scrap Ave verum corpus, which is quite popular in traditional masses that I've attended....then there's Laudate dominum from the Vesperae solennes...and then there's this lovely little motet, Quaerite primum regni dei...

Oh, while we're at it, let's scrap Haydn, shall we? Yeah, the Lord Nelson Mass is definitely inferior, no? My goodness, the Credo is so yawn-worthy. What was he thinking?

Uh, oh, now you've got me started.

(you notice the tongue-in-cheek, yes?)

Jeff said...

Yes, I was going to mention Haydn! It is only after coming to terms with how fantastically great a composer Haydn is that you really begin to grasp the greatness of Mozart.

Ave Verum Corpus? I remember being told by one Catholic traditionalist who was a musician and trained in hymnology that it was hack work and didn't belong anywhere near the liturgy...

Sheesh. Those guys are starting to talk about "The Spirit of Vatican ONE" and How Trent Began the Rot.

-rolls eyes-