Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Illiberal Liberal Mind

~Pope Benedict is to visit Sapienza University on Thursday and the leftists are squealing quite loudly and rudely. Via Papa Ratzinger Forum
Students at Rome's main La Sapienza university plan to disrupt Pope Benedict XVI's planned visit to their campus later this week with blasts of loud rock music.

The group of left-wing physics students on Monday launched an "Anti-Clerical Week" of events ahead of Benedict's scheduled arrival on campus on Thursday.

"In a university which should be ... a place of cultural growth, research and conscientious and secular criticism, La Sapienza Rector Renato Guarini has instead decided to invite Pope Joseph Ratzinger to inaugurate the academic year," the students said on their website, referring to Benedict's name before his 2005 election.

Benedict as pontiff "condemns centuries of scientific and cultural growth by affirming anachronistic dogmas such as Creationism, while attacking scientific free-thought and promoting mandatory heterosexuality", the students, who use the name, Physics Collective, said.

Featured events included screenings of a film on the life of Galileo Galilei - the Italian Renaissance scientist whose theories on astronomy provoked the ire of the Catholic Church - as well as debates on topics such as evolution and homosexuality.

The protests are set to culminate with a "sonic siege" involving music played from loudspeakers mounted on a truck in the campus' main square during Benedict's main address, students said.
Zadok posted this photo and translation of the grafitti:

Fra Giordano [Bruno] was burned,
Galileo recanted,
We will resist the Papacy.
17 January - Anti-Clerical Day, 12 Noon, Aldo Moro Square.
To do science is not a crime
Secular-Self determining Knowledge
Sexual Liberty
LGBT Rights


Adrienne said...

Nothing more than a bunch of spoiled brats. Not to worry, though - the Pope's not going.

Argent said...

It's a sad day for the freedom of ideas. In a university named "Sapienza" no less. Rather ironic.

Well, at least it's got a lot of people coming to the Pope's defense and it's showing people the intellectual poverty of these supposed intellectuals...

Sometimes you just have to get out of the way of your enemies when they're hanging themselves.

Tom in Vegas said...

For physics students they sure are STUPID. Do they still think that the Galileo incident was mostly religion and science clashing?

Do punks read history?