Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Grim Decline

~via Catholic Church Conservation
World-wide before Vatican II 36,200 Today: 18,711.

Brothers: Before Vatican II- 5,204 Today: 1,306.

Seminarians (USA only): Before Vatican II- 5,500. Today, 140.

USA Jesuit priests: before Vatican II, 8,000. Today, 2,640.

Jesuits(Italy): Before Vatican II: 4,000+. Today : 640.

Jesuits(France): Before Vatican II: 3,500+ Today: less than 500.

Jesuits: Canada -Before Vatican II ( 1,500+). Today: less than 250.

Jesuits: Ireland and the United Kingdom: Before Vatican II: 1,740+. Today: less than 300.


dan said...

Is it true that there are only 140 American seminarians today?
Doesn't the Diocese of Raleigh have 20?
Maybe I need bifocals.

Argent said...

These are the Jesuits' satistics.