Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Butterflies and Balloons

On reading more about Dr. Beckwith's biography (scroll down to the next article), I was struck again by the ramifications of a whole generation's lack of catechesis.

Dear parents, please consider what is being taught to your children about the Faith. You are your children's primary catechists...by your example, by your active teaching, by your daily prayers. Don't rely on the professionals to "do it" for you. Consider what "curriculum" is being used by your parish's "faith formation" I place these within quotations because I have met Catholic upon Catholic whose faith was instead deformed by their time in CCD. They talk about discovering in their adulthood how much they missed. And a few of them have a touch of bitterness when speaking of the years wasted wandering around clueless about the Faith. They laugh ruefully of being experts at felt and burlap, however.

One of the most heartbreaking things that I hear repeatedly from them is, "Why did no one ever tell me this?". Steve Wood, former evangelical pastor now a Catholic advocate for strong fathers, says, "If your child's CCD workbook is pink and has butterflies and balloons on the cover, RUN!"

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