Thursday, January 10, 2008

Approval of English Missal Closer

~from Zenit. It will be a step forward in getting closer to transcendent language. With the current translation, I find myself trying to recall the Latin.
As the English translation of the Roman Missal nears completion, translation experts and Vatican officials expressed their satisfaction with the achievement.

In a press release from the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments, the progress of the Vox Clara Committee was explained. The committee, formed in 2001, is a panel of bishops who provide advice to the Holy See concerning English-language liturgical books.

The committee's 15th meeting ended last month, and focused extensively on the Green Book draft translations of several Masses from the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL).

The ICEL sends its proposed translation to bishops and experts for study and comment (Green Book). After the comments are incorporated, the texts are proposed for canonical vote by the episcopal conferences (Gray Book). The text, once approved by the bishops' conference, is sent to Rome for approval (White Book).

"Considerable time was also devoted to a careful review of the ICEL Gray Book for the Proper of Seasons in the light of those recommendations provided to the mixed commission by the congregation following Vox Clara's review of the ICEL Green Book for this segment last year," the communiqué added. "This review was conducted in preparation for the submission of White Book translations following the canonical approval of these texts by the English-language episcopal conferences in the coming months and the subsequent and concluding review by the congregation in preparation for the granting of the 'recognitio.'"

Other items of study during the Vox Clara meeting included the "confirmation of the Order of Mass, including the fine-tuning of several points of translation in the Eucharistic prayers."
Let the whining continue apace.

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Jeff said...

After this, they need to start work on a real Catholic translation of the Bible.