Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Anglican women priests becoming Catholics

....because of 'persecution' in the Anglican Church. By Damien Thompson in The Telegraph
At least two Anglican women priests have become Roman Catholics because they are “fed up with being treated like dirt in their own Church,” according to Fr Michael Seed, the Franciscan friar who is ecumenical adviser to Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor.
Christina Rees of Women and the Church says: “Every woman who is ordained as a priest in the Church of England knows in one sense there is still a question mark hanging over her orders in a way which does not hang over the order of her male colleagues.”
There's a question mark hanging over women's ordination so they've become Catholic? Huh? There's no question in the Catholic Church. There is no women's ordination. Period. Nada. Nyet. The next question is what were they persecuted for? And how does becoming Catholic solve that? There's nothing in the story that says anything about their renouncing their orders. I know of a couple of Episcopalian women priests who renounced their orders when they converted, one to the Catholic Church and the other to the Orthodox Church.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they are confused by the RCWP ? Or the reporter was confused.