Monday, December 03, 2007

Women pretending again

~from myFox St. Louis

Two Roman Catholic female priests who were recently ordained co-pastored their first mass Saturday night in the central west end. [uh, no...they are no longer Catholic...they were NOT ordained]

Rose Marie Hudson and Elsie McGrath led the service at the first Unitarian church of St. Louis. [A Unitarian ecclesial appropriate]

About one hundred people showed up.

The service was held in the church's Hope Chapel.

The pastor of the church says it was a fitting place for an event where hope and understanding were very much alive. [was that a crack at Spe Salvi?]

The Roman Catholic Church does not recognize the ordination of Hudson and McGrath that was conducted by an organization called Roman Catholic Women Priests. [This should be the lede!]


onionboy said...

It's sad, just so very sad that they believe they are still Catholic and it is also sad that an ever ignorant media thinks so too. Perhaps they both feel that if they keep at it long enough and repeat it often enough that it will somehow be true. Sadly, they are wrong.


frival said...

I think good Sir 'O' is suggesting they are running by the Joseph Goebbels quote that "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." The man may have been evil (or, at least on the side of evil), but he was also right. If enough people say the same thing most people will not look into the issue to uncover the truth and it will eventually take its place as "received wisdom". How very sad for all involved...