Friday, December 21, 2007

What Anglicans don't believe

~I spent years trying to figure what Anglicans believe and finally left. Now here's Rowan Williams telling us what Anglicans don't believe. From CWN
The Archbishop of Canterbury questioned the accuracy of the Nativity story in a BBC television interview.

Dr. Rowan Williams, the worldwide leader of the Anglican communion, said that the story of the Magi in particular is vague at best, and the claim that the followed a star to Bethlehem is incredible because "stars to not behave like that."

The Anglican leader said that it is "very unlikely" that Jesus was born in Bethlehem in December. The tradition of celebrating the Nativity in December only arose, he said, "because it fitted well with the winter festival."

Archbishop Williams also questioned whether Jesus was born of a virgin. While he personally accepts that tenet of faith, he said, "that's not a pre-condition for being a Christian."


Dim Bulb said...

Sorry, you've been tagged for a meme.

Rob said...

-that's not a pre-condition for being a Christian." -

What? Huh?

What else can I say?


-While he personally accepts that tenet of faith-

I used to believe this opening clause of sentences coming from the heterodox, but I now see it is really a lie. Anyone who says "I believe but you don't need to" really doesn't believe it either. He just says that to hold on to his job. That sounds uncharitable, but an archbishop should choose his words more wisely.