Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Cover story at NCR

Check out the cover story at National Catholic Reporter.


DimBulb said...

I'll bet these priestess/pretenders and the reporter pimping them couldn't spell "ecclesiology," let alone define it.

Tito said...

NCR is what Vox Nova will end up being in the end.

It was pretty sad if it wasn't funny.

Zadok the Roman said...

One day she said to her husband, after a frustrating experience at a local parish, “You know, the only way we’re going to find a church we like is to start one of our own.” He looked at her seriously and said, “You’re right,” she recalled.

How can one say that without seeing the irony?

frival said...

I should have known better just with the NCReporter name, but *sheesh* that needs a "click at risk of your mental stability" warning. How very sad these people don't even know what they want and are being propped up as examples to follow. This has to be the final straw for me to ask my pastor to make sure whomever is putting NCReporter at the doors of the church is told to stop.

Anonymous said...

The NCR is a fetid rag.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much as one should expect from the National Catholic Distorter.
Has anyone else noticed the many of these priestesses have gotten their religious degrees from non-Catholic schools?
If one is a Catholic, it is easy to remember: They are not priests. They have effectively excommuncated themselves from the Catholic Church.