Thursday, November 08, 2007

Praystation Game

~from The Curt Jester now you, too, can become an organist!
Have you ever wanted to pretend to be a church organist and just never had the time or musical ability to pursue this skill? That it would be so cool to put your fingers to the keyboard and produce awesome church filling organ music?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions than the company behind Grand Theft Theology and other fine games has the game made just for you.
Organ Hero BoxOrgan Hero I is the ultimate in rhythm video games where you are not limited to just a few frets like in other games but row after row of keyboards.

During game play a scrolling flow of colored notes appear one by one along with the music. After you see the note quickly press the proper note on the keyboard that is related to the color code.

Sure this game is much more challenging than others in this genre, but you are an adult now ready for a real challenge. After just a few short months or years you will be ready to play the game beyond just the beginners level.

Organ Hero I periphialIncluded with Organ Hero I is the organ peripheral used for gameplay. Each key of each of the three keyboards is color coded to match the notes on the screen.
Ha! And if you don't buy, get this warning:
Though we have to warn you that if Organ Hero I dose not do well in the market we will have to lower ourselves to other products like "Liturgical Guitar Hero" and don't you already have enough of that from your local Catholic parish?

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