Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Mighty mouse

Edmund posted about scientists modifying a mouse gene to make it live longer and be more active. Consequences for us...He wonders about whether we really want to live longer, faster, higher....well...think about it.

Cardinal DaniƩlou in The Scandal of Truth said:
There is an essential wretchedness from which no science will ever free man--the wretchedness of death and of sin....For scientific progress does not suffice to halt man's tragedy; something more is required than the invention of instruments; what is required is determining what to do with them.
The solution is:
Christ alone plubmed this spiritual wretchedness which he descended into hell, and there reached and destroyed the root of evil.

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Carmel said...

and can they remove the aches of old age! ;)
Thanks for your nice comments by the way.