Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Cloister Walk

The Roving Medievalist has a post on Fontenay Abbey in France.

Click on the image to visit the Abbey.

From the website:
The Fontenay Abbey is one of the oldest Cistercian monasteries in Europe. Founded in 1118 by St Bernard in a marshy Burgundy valley, the abbey has not change its magnificient Romanesque style. Except for the refectorywhich was destroyed, all the rooms have been perfectly conserved : church, dormitory, cloister, council room, heating room, lodging for the abbots and the forge. Today, Fontenay attracts more than 120,000 visitors from around the world. Apart from the visits, many cultural activities (Concerts, theatre, ...) are organized in the abbey.
I'm hoping Fr. Mark will stop by and explain Cistercian architecture of solitude, though he may be somewhere inaccessible again.

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