Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chabanel Psalm Project Revisited

~With the new liturgical year coming up, don't forget the Chabanel Psalm Project. This is a comprehensive resource for those working within the Ordinary Form but with a desire for continuity with our musical and liturgical patrimony.

Click here for Year A. Organist and vocalist parts are included. Start encouraging your music ministry to give these a try. Get away from the insipid and trite musical-style psalms that invade us week-by-week. The Chabanel Psalms have been given as a gift to the Church, for the glory of God and the edification of the Church. Visit the website and print a sample or two to give to your musical director. It's in modern notation and the chants and refrains are simple enough.

Many thanks go to Jeff Ostrowski who composed the refrains for all the psalms. What a herculean effort.

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Brian Michael Page said...

I've done some of the Psalms from that project. They're some of the best Psalm settings in English out there.