Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Valencia court orders Catholic Church to erase baptismal record

~from CWN

A Spanish court has ordered Catholic officials in Valencia to remove a man’s name from Church baptismal records.

Manuel Blat Gonzalez, a homosexual man who objected to the Church’s campaign against same-sex marriage, had demanded that the Church erase the record of his baptism 40 years ago. The Valencia archdiocese refused, explaining that baptism cannot be reversed and the record is a historical document.

The Data Protection Agency, a government body charged with preserving individual privacy, took up the Blat case and won a court ruling that required the Church to discard sacramental records of those who made the request. The Valencia archdiocese appealed, but the appeal has now been rejected.

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Cody said...

This makes no sense whatsoever. I suppose that people who commit suicide should have their birth certificates destroyed, since they clearly objected to the fact that they exist.