Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Traditional Dominican Rite

~from The New Liturgical Movement (hat tip to Fr. Tucker....Fr. Tucker asks if Dominican House of Studies might offer this someday in the future...oh, please, please, say yes!)
The ministers have arrived at the altar, the deacon and subdeacon have placed the Missal and the Evangeliary on their respective cushions and returned to below the altar steps. As they were doing this, the priest recited quietly the prayer Actiones Quaesumus. The major ministers having reassembled at the step, the acolytes turn inward for the prayers. Those who know the Roman Rite will notice that in contrast (following the Sign of the Cross and the verse Confitemini Domino and response Quoniam in Saeculum), all the ministers bow at the same time and remain bowed together. The Dominican prayers are very simple reflecting their early origins.

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