Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pope Benedict on Cardinal Scheffczyk and post-Vatican II

~by Corriere della Sera translated in NCRCafe, excerpts from an interview with Pope Benedict XVI about Polish Cardinal Scheffczyk concerning the turbulent years following the Second Vatican Council
"At that time, the situation was extremely confused and restless, and the doctrinal position of the church was not always clear. In fact, claims were circulated that seemed to have become suddenly possible, even though in reality they were not consistent with dogma. In that context, the discussions within the doctrinal commission were full of strong positions, and extremely difficult. It was here that I was able to notice how Leo Schezzczyk – this man of silence, even timid – was always the first to take a very clear position.

"I myself, in that context, was almost too timid with respect to what I should have dared to do in order to get directly to the point. He, on the other hand, always said immediately and with great clarity, and, at the same time, with punctual theological justification, what made sense and what didn’t. Leo Scheffczyk was, in this way, the true ‘ice-breaker’ in these discussions. If before this we knew one another only from a distance, from that time forward we became closer.

"We realized that we were fighting together for the vitality of the faith in our epoch, for its expression and intelligibility for the people of this time, in fidelity, in the end, to its deepest identity."

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