Monday, October 08, 2007

Next papal encyclical

...lots of previous reports about it being a social encyclical. But Chris Gillibrand reports that it might be something else altogether.
To date, all had counted on the fact that the next teaching letter of the Pope will be a social encyclical .

But IL Messaggero knows now that the encyclical which is already nearly finished will be on hope.

It will appear before the social encyclical, of which Pope Benedikt XVI. while on his holidays in Lorenzago di Cadore had previously spoken to journalists

It was not then known that the Pope in the silence of his alpine chalet wrote about hope.

Hope is that theological virtue, which refers to the longing of Christians for the highest blessedness in heaven.

`IL Messaggero' believes that this topic is relevant in times of uncertainty and relativism.

The newspaper mentions that the Pope deplored two years ago in a speech to the Mexican bishops that hope is exposed to a hard counter wind in view of the variable and complex present day conditions which also affect the church.

Thus the Pope appears to address also by this means the church collapse, which is not only limited to the rich countries of the western hemisphere.

The Pope would like to invite in his encyclical - according to Il Messaggero - to hope.

Christians are not to let themselves be frightened by pessimism, nihilism and human failure.

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