Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Church is young

....ha! According to an Italian survey Italian youth prefer to read Pope Benedict XVI and older Italians prefer to read Cardinal Martini (dubbed *Loose Cannon* by moi). From La Stampa by Giacomo Galeazzi via Papa Ratzinger Forum
Right now, the most-read religious author in Italy is Mother Theresa, in a country where only one in six persons polled says he is familiar with the Gospels and where almost everyone equates spirituality with attention to the needy.

Faith, therefore, is seen most as a form of brotherhood, the Church as charity.

This emerges from an unprecedented report called Italians and religious books, a survey carried out by Coesis Research for San Paolo publishing house.

Among the interesting results is that young people appparently prefer to read Joseph Ratzinger's books, whereas adults appear to prefer the books of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, the patron, one might say, of 'adult Catholics' [one might also say, "dissenting"].

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