Sunday, October 28, 2007

Act of Thanksgiving after Holy Communion

My Lord Jesus Christ, most sweet and most kind, who even now, of Thy great goodness, hast entered into this poor and humble abode, adorn it and enrich it with Thy treasures, that it may be made worthy of Thine indwelling. Take up Thy rest therein, that my heart may find its rest in Thee alone. Let it not suffice Thee, O Lord, to have given me Thy sacred Body; give me also the treasures of grace which Thou bringest with Thee; for it will profit me little to eat the Bread of life, if I remain unfed by Thy grace. Give me, O Lord, a heart completely transformed into Thee by love; give me a life that shall be all Thine, a quiet death that shall be the beginning of eternal life. That is what I look for, pray and hope for from Thee, my eternal God, by virtue of this Blessed Sacrament.

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