Saturday, September 08, 2007

Nativity of Our Lady

Nativity of Our Lady

Deep hung the pagan darkness when she came,
Christ's Mother, to the world of sin and woe,
The sweet uplifter earth had sighed for so.
The vestal lights burned dim; the rose wreath's flame
Leaped into ashes, like hearts dead to shame.
Once bright with virtue's rare and chastening glow,
Until by pagan passion-fires brought low;
Honor was dead, and vice alone was fame.

Then shone the glory of true womanhood,
The strong, the pure, the gentle and the good,
Through her creation claimed a bartered right,
New flowers flushed in pagan gardens wild.
Ascendant, like the day-star in the night,
Reigned the Christ's Mother, sinless, undefiled.

F.L. Murphy - The Apostle - September 1965

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The Epiphany Artist said...

Beautiful painting and poem!~