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Friday Devotions

Meditation on the (Traditional Latin) Mass: by Saint Francis De Sales

Music to listen to while meditating: William Byrd's Miserere

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When the priest goes to the foot of the Altar
Jesus enters the garden

O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Who wast pleased voluntarily to endure mortal terror and anguish at the view of Thine approaching passion, give me grace henceforth to consecrate all my sorrows to Thee. O God of my heart! Assist me to support my trials in union with Thine agony, that through the merits of Thy Passion they may become profitable to my soul.

At the Beginning of Mass
Prayer of Jesus in the garden

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Who wast pleased to be comforted by an angel in Thy dreadful agony, grant through the merits of Thy prayer in the garden that Thy consoling angel may ever assist me in mine.

At the Confiteor
Jesus prostrated in the garden

Lord Jesus Christ, Who in the excess of Thine anguish, wast bathed in a sweat of blood while praying to Thy Father in the Garden of Olives, grant that I may participate in Thy sorrows by sympathy, and unite bitter tears of repentance with Thy tears of blood.

The Priest kisses the Altar

Judas betrays Jesus with a kiss

Lord Jesus Christ, who didst submit to the embrace of Judas, preserve me by Thy grace, from misfortune of ever betraying Thee, and assist me to repay calumny and injustice with cordial charity and active kindness.

The priest goes to the Epistle side
Jesus is dragged to prison

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst submit to be bound with ropes by the hands of wicked men, break, I beseech Thee, the chains of my sinsand attach the powers of my soul and body closely to Thee bybonds of charity, that they may never escape from the salutaryrestraint of perfect submission to Thy Divine Will.

At the Introit
Jesus receives a blow

Lord Jesus Christ, Who wast conducted as a criminal to the house of Annas, grant that I may never suffer myself to be led into sin by temptations of the evil spirit, or the evil suggestions of my fellow creatures, but that I may be securely guided by the Divine Spirit in the perfect accomplishment of Thy holy ordinances.

At the Kyrie Eleison
Jesus is thrice denied by Peter

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst submit to be thrice denied in the house of Caiphas, by the head and prince of the apostles preserve me from the danger of evil company, that I may not be exposed to the misfortune of separation from Thee.

At the Dominus Vobiscum
Jesus looks at Peter and touches his heart

Lord Jesus Christ, who by one glance of love didst melt the heart of St. Peter into a fountain of penitential tears, grant by Thy mercy that I may weep for my sins and never by word or deed deny Thee, who art my lord and my God.

At the Epistle
Jesus is conducted to the house of Pilate

Lord Jesus Christ, Who wast pleased to be led before Pilate, and there falsely accused, teach me to avoid the deceits of the wicked, and to profess my faith by the constant practice of good works.

At the Munda Cor Meum
Jesus is led to Herod

Lord Jesus Christ, who didst silently endure to be again falsely accused before Herod, grant me patience under calumny, and silence under outrages.

At the Gospel
Jesus is mocked as a fool and sent back to Pilate

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst submit to be sent as a fool by Herod to Pilate, who though enemies before, then became friends, strengthen me so powerfully by Thy grace, that instead of apprehending the machinations of the wicked, I may learn to bear their malice as Thou didst and thus render their injustice profitable to my soul.

The Priest uncovers the Chalice
Jesus is stripped of His garments

Lord Jesus Christ, Who wast pleased to be despoiled of Thy garments and most inhumanly scourged for love of me, grant me grace to lay aside the burden of my sins by a good confession, and never to appear before Thee despoiled of the virtues of a Christian.

At the Offertory
Jesus is scourged

Lord Jesus Christ, Who wast pleased to be fastened to the pillar and torn with stripes, grant me grace to patiently endure the scourges of Thy paternal correction and never more to grieve Thy Heart with my sins.

The Priest offers the Chalice
Jesus is crowned with thorns

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst submit, through love for me, to be crowned with thorns, grant that my heart may be so penetrated with the thorns of repentance in this world, that I may deserve to be hereafter crowned with Thee in glory.

The priest washes his fingers
Pilate washes his hands

Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, Who, although declared innocent by Pilate wast subjected to the insults and outrages of the Jews, grant me the grace to lead an irreproachable life and at the same time to maintain a holy indifference to the opinions of men.

At the Orate Fratres
Pilate says to the Jews, “Behold the Man”

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst submit to the derision of the Jews, and voluntarily wear the badges of their insolent mockery, grant that I may faithfully resist all emotions of vainglory and appear before Thee on the day of judgment clothed in the sacred garment of Thy humility.

At the Preface
Jesus is condemned to death

Lord Jesus Christ, Who, though the God of all sanctity, didst submit through love for me to a most ignominious condemnation, grant me grace to avoid rash judgments and strengthen me to bear with patience, the injustice of men.

At the Momento for the living
Jesus carries His Cross

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst carry thy heavy Cross for my salvation, grant that I may voluntarily embrace the cross of mortification and carry it daily for Thy love.

At the Communicantes
Veronica wipes with a linen cloth the Face of Jesus

Lord Jesus Christ, Who on Thy way to Calvary, didst say to the holy women that wept for the love of Thee: "Weep not for me but for yourselves;” give me the grace to weep for my sins with tears of holy contrition and love that will render me agreeable to Thy Divine Majesty.

Consecration of the Bread and Wine
Jesus is nailed to the Cross

Lord Jesus Christ, Who wast nailed to the Cross for my redemption, attaching to it through Thy Sacred Flesh, my sins, and the eternal punishment due to them, grant me Thy saving fear, that resolutely observing Thy Holy precepts, I may ever be attached to the Cross with Thee.

At the Elevation of the Host

The Cross of Jesus is elevated between Heaven and earth.

Lord Jesus Christ, Who wast pleased to be elevated on the Cross and exalted above the earth for the love of me, detach my heart, I beseech Thee, from all terrestrial affections and elevate my understanding to the consideration of Heavenly things.

At the Elevation of the Chalice

The Blood of Jesus flows from His wounds.

Lord Jesus Christ, Thy sacred wounds are the inexhaustible source of all grace; grant then, that Thy Precious Blood may purify my soul from all evil thoughts and prove a salutary remedy for all my spiritual miseries.

At the Momento for the dead

Jesus prays for all men

Lord Jesus Christ, who didst pray on the Cross for all men, even for Thine executioners, grant me the spirit of meekness and patience, that according to Thy precepts and example I may love my enemies and cordially return good for evil.

At the Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus
The conversion of the thief (St. Dismas)

Lord Jesus Christ, who didst promise the joys of Heaven to the penitent thief, look on me with eyes of compassion and say to my soul at the last moment of my life: “This day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise.”

At the Pater Noster
The seven words of Christ

Lord Jesus Christ, Who from the cross didst recommend Thy Blessed Mother to the beloved disciple, and the disciple to Thy Mother, receive me, I beseech Thee, under Thy protection, and grant that amidst the snares and perils of this world I may never lose the treasure of thy friendship.

At the division of the Host
Jesus expires of the Cross

Lord Jesus Christ, Who before expiring on the Cross didst commend Thy Soul to Thy Father, grant that I may die spiritually with Thee now, and so confide my eternal destiny with confidence to Thy hands at the hour of my death.

The Priest puts a particle of the Host into the Chalice
The Soul of Jesus descends into limbo

Lord Jesus Christ, who after overthrowing the empire of Satan didst descend into limbo to liberate the souls imprisoned there ; apply, I beseech Thee, the merits of Thy Blood and Passion to the suffering souls in Purgatory, that, being absolved from their sins, they may be received into Thy bosom, and enjoy eternal peace.

At the Agnus Dei
The conversion of sinners

Lord Jesus Christ, the contemplation of Thy torments has excited repentance in many hearts; grant me, through the efficacy of Thy painful sufferings and ignominious death, perfect contrition for my past offenses, and the grace to avoid all willful sin.

At the Communion
Jesus is buried

Lord Jesus Christ, Who wast pleased to be buried in a new monument, give me a new heart, so that being buried with Thee, I may attain to the glory of Thy resurrection.

At the Ablution
Jesus is embalmed

Lord Jesus Christ, who wast pleased to be embalmed and wrapped in a clean linen cloth by Joseph and Nicodemus, give me the grace to receive most worthily, Thy Precious Body and Blood in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, with a heart embalmed with the precious ointment of Thy virtues.

After the Communion
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst triumphantly issue from the fast sealed monument, grant that, rising from the tomb of my sins, I may walk in newness of life so that when Thou shalt appear in glory I may merit also to appear with Thee.

At the Dominus Vobiscum
Jesus appears to His disciples

Lord Jesus Christ, who didst gladden the hearts of Thy Blessed Mother and Thine apostles by manifesting Thyself to them after Thy Resurrection, grant that, since I cannot be so happy as to behold Thee in this mortal life, I may hereafter enjoy the unclouded vision of Thy glory.

At the Post Communion
Jesus converses for forty days with His disciples

Lord Jesus Christ, Who after Thy Resurrection deign to converse for forty days with Thy disciples, instructing them in the mysteries of our faith, increase, I beseech Thee, my knowledge of those Divine Truths, and confirm my belief in them.

The last Dominus Vobiscum
Jesus ascends to Heaven

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst ascend gloriously into Heaven in the presence of Thy disciples, grant me so to love Thee that I may desire none but eternal joys, and aspire to the possession of Thee as the first and best of all blessings.

At the Priest’s blessing
The descent of the Holy Ghost

Lord Jesus Christ, Who didst send the Holy Ghost on Thine apostles, while engaged in unanimous and persevering prayer, purify my soul, I beseech Thee, that the Paraclete, finding therein a dwelling well pleasing to Him, may adorn it with His gifts andreplenish it with His consolations

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