Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Child's Missal

~Now that Summorum Pontificum is in full force, I thought I'd repost this link to A Child's Missal from The Society of St. John which beautifully explains The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The illustrations come from a deep immersion in iconographic language and the pictures of the Mass show its timelessness. It's great even for adults. So if you're looking for a resource to teach the Mass, this is a fine one to add to your library. Best of all, you may download the complete book in pdf. However, it is worth getting hardbound.

Here are some sample pages:

I attended a conference with Steve Wood as one of the featured speakers and he said that if your child's catechetical book has butterflies and balloons on the cover, "Run away!" It's safe to say that this book has none of that and you can introduce the concept to your child (or yourself even) of Earth uniting with Heaven in the Sacrifice of the Mass.

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Pilgrim said...

Hello. Beautiful book. I love illumination. I'm not sure that it would be a very useful missal, however. There are no Sunday or major Feast Day readings. Also, it looks like it shows a concelebrated traditional mass. Is that allowed? I've never seen one.