Monday, September 24, 2007

Archaeologists Have Uncovered A Royal Palace Used By King Henry II

~We've not had an archeology post for awhile. From Newbury Today:
The Royal Palace of Fremantle has lain hidden under the Hampshire Downs at Tidgrove Warren Farm, in the parish of Hannington, for nearly 900 years.
Over the last three years the site has been excavated by staff and students from the University of Southampton in association with the Kingsclere Heritage Association local volunteers.
Explorations have revealed a medieval enclosed settlement surrounded by a massive ditch - larger than many contemporary castles.
According to Peter Woodman, treasurer of Kingsclere Heritage Association, the settlement was built in 1172 as a stopping place for King Henry II on his journeys to and from his French possessions. It was later used by King Richard the Lionheart and King John, before being demolished in about 1252.
Henry II whose outburst "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?" gave us Thomas Becket the martyr....and Canterbury Tales. Which reminds me...I should dust off The Lion in Winter.

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