Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Angelus: Solemnity of the Assumption

~translated by Teresa Benedetta of Papa Ratzinger Forum

Dear brothers and sisters!

We celebrate today the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is an ancient feast, which has its ultimate foundation in Sacred Scripture which shows us the Virgin Mary closely united to her divine Son and always one with him.

Mother and Son appear closely associated in the battle against the infernal enemy until full victory is achieved over him. This victory is expressed, particularly, by overcoming sin and death, a victory over those enemies that S., Paul presented to us always conjoined. (cfr Rm 5, 12. 15-21; 1 Cor 15, 21-26).

Thus, just as the glorious Resurrection of Christ was the definitive sign of victory, the glorification of Mary in her virginal body constitutes the final confirmation of her full solidarity with her son in battle as in victory.

Such profound theological significance was expressed by the Servant of God Pius XII in proclaiming on November 1, 1950, the solemn dogmatic definition of this Marian privilege. He said, "In this way, the august Mother of God, arcanely united with Jesus Christ through eternity through the same decree of predestination - immaculate in her conception, virgin undefiled in her divine maternity, generous associate of the Divine Redeemer, who achieved full triumph over sin and its consequence - at the end, as a supreme crown to her privileges, was preserved from corruption in the tomb, and triumphing over death, as her Son did, was taken up body and soul to the glory of Heaven, where she reigns as Queen at the right hand of ehr Son, immortal King of centuries" (Cost. Munificentissimus Deus: AAS 42 [1950], 768-769).

Dear brothers and sisters, assumed into heaven, Mary has not gone away from us. She continues to be near us, and her light shines on our life and on the history of all humanity.

Attracted by the celestial radiance of the Redeemer's Mother, let us look trustingly to her who watches over us and protects us from on high. We all need her help and her comfort in order to face the trials and challenges of every day. We need to feel that she is our Mother and sister in the concrete situations of our existence.

In order that even we may share one day and for always her own destiny, let us emulate her in her obedient following of Christ and her generous service to her brothers.

This is the only way we could have a foretaste, even during our earthly pilgrimage, of the joy and peace that is lived in full by whoever arrives at the immortal destination in Paradise.

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