Saturday, August 18, 2007

On a lighter note...

...Gerald has translated an interview with the Rev. Mons. Georg Ratzinger. Thanks, Gerald for the ray of sunshine.
The regular contacts with your brother - be it by telephone or through your visits to Rome have become routine by now...

Ratzinger: Yes, you could say that. The fraternal closeness and togetherness has not changed at all, so there's still a family life.

Recently, there have been critical voices - because of the Motu proprio and the statement that the Protestant churches aren't churches in the narrow sense. How much do such controversies affect you ?

Ratzinger: It barely affects me, I have to admit. I only have contacts to people who wish my brother and me well. The negative voices only get to me through detours, where they've already been "purified" and don't hurt me anymore.

You aren't being confronted in person with such criticism ?

Ratzinger: No, I'm not. But, these critical voices were to be expected - if everything were to go smoothly, it wouldn't be a good Pontificate. A person who is active in God's kingdom has to expect resistance, just like our Lord, who also encountered enemies time and again. It can't all be hunky dory. (literally "peace, joy and pancakes")

Bless you, Fr. Ratzinger. I will try your sanguine approach.

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