Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mother Teresa's Little Faith

~from James Kushiner in Mere Comments
The "media" seems to be all over the "revelation" that Mother Teresa, according to her letters soon to be published, had lots of doubts. Some are quick to suggest she had "lost her faith." Others, those in religious media who actually know a thing or two about Christianity, don't find any of her doubts surprise.

...That some secular journalists will go ga-ga over what appears to them a chance to discredit a Christian only shows how dogmatic they are about their own secularism. They assume that real Christians are as untroubled by contrary thoughts as they are.

When's the last time you read of a secularist, pro-choice liberal admit that once in a while he has serious doubts about what seems to have become a mainstay of the program, that maybe, just maybe, that little "tissue" that can be easily disposed of in a "abortion clinic" might be, really and truly, a human being? Wouldn't dream of it....

I for one have doubts. But that's because it's a struggle to remember certain things--not ideas or doctrines, but lines of evidence, unimpeachable testimony, the experience of millions, including mine, of things that definitely point to something beyond the hermentically-sealed dreams of secular materialists. Doubt creeps in because faith has to do with things we can't, quite, see with our naked eyes--most of the time.

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