Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fr Z featured in NCR

~from National Catholic Register by Tim Drake with a great title: What Does the Motu Proprio Really Say?

The secular press will report that the Church is turning back the clock or that the priests are “turning their backs on the people.” What does this document tell the world?

We know that for a long time the Church as a whole, and Catholics as individuals, have been marginalized, pushed to the edges of the public square and denied a voice. There has been a massive effort to try to reduce faith to the private sphere and keep it there, and not let it be expressed publicly in any legitimate way.

The Pope believes that Catholics have a right to their own symbols, language, doctrines, forms of expression and prayer, and that they have a right to express themselves as Catholics in the public square. They have something to contribute and offer that the world needs.

In order for Catholics to contribute to the public square, we need to re-propose to ourselves what it means to be Catholic. Who are we now? Where are we from? Where are we going?

We have to have an identity that we can grasp and we need to know how to express ourselves.

This is profound, and it goes far beyond who gets to say what Mass where. This is one dimension of a much larger project of Pope Benedict’s.

The Pope is very gently pressing forward his proposition that Catholics have a right to be Catholic and express themselves as Catholics.

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