Thursday, August 02, 2007


When one returns from a pilgrimage, the work begun on the pilgrim route continues. For myself, I've found that my interior rooms have shifted, or perhaps, dare I say, become enlarged by the achingly beautiful vision of Our Eucharistic Lord encountered in the pilgrim way. So returning home and re-integrating with this changed inner eye isn't always easy because a longing to be elsewhere sometimes overwhelms. And yet, here I am called to live in this ordinary existence, which, upon reflection, is not ordinary in the sense that the material world is embued with the presence of the transcendent God, reveals the sacredness of all of life...hierophanies. So how does one live that out with mounds of laundry, and weeds to pull, and moles and voles to contend with underneath the lawn? Hierophanies...

Here There Are Lions: The Unremembered Gate

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